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Tech Rights Fellow

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public law & Policy, information rights, data privacy
advisory, analysis, research, training
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Developing international human rights law

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  • Christy is an activist, researcher, and writer. She holds B.A. and LL.B. degrees from the University of Johannesburg and is currently completing her M.A. in Migration and Displacement at the University of the Witwatersrand as a Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholar.

    Before joining ALT Advisory, Christy worked as an intern at SECTION27 where she worked on matters relating to the right to basic education (2018-2019). Thereafter, Christy completed an internship at Lawyers for Human Rights as part of the Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme where she consulted clients and drafted submissions to refugee appeal bodies (2019). Most recently, Christy clerked at the Constitutional Court of South Africa (2022, Justice Steven Majiedt), as a foreign clerk for six months.

    In July 2022, she joined ALT Advisory as one of its inaugural Tech Rights Fellows, where assists with researching and drafting policy submissions and research reports on international human rights law, digital rights, and questions of social justice in the digital age.

    Christy has a keen interest in improving migrant and refugee policy in South Africa. She is particularly interested in understanding the interplay between access to information and its impact on fundamental rights such as basic education.

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