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ADVISORY & RESEARCH Public interest advisory, analysis, research, and training services at the intersection of law and technology


Meet the Research & Advisory Team

Division contact:

Wendy Trott | [email protected]


Learn about our recent work

    • Developing a diaspora engagement framework for the Economic, Social & Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union to enhance the ability of civil society based in the Diaspora to participate in the work of the AU.
    • Assisting Genesis Analytics with information governance and regulatory compliance in terms of South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).
    • Providing ongoing strategic guidance and project management support to the International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations (INCLO).
    • Providing ongoing rights-based strategic guidance and policy analysis and reporting on key African jurisdictions to an international technology company.
    • Drafting a chapter on South Africa for the 2022 LONDA Digital Rights report for Paradigm Initiative.
    • Undertaking an assessment of CSOs partnered with UNICEF to support a gender transformational approach to ending child marriage.
    • Crafting an advocacy campaign for the ratification of the Malabo Convention.
    • Preparing a training module for journalists on reporting on children in the media.

Developing international human rights law

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Public interest advisory services at the intersection of law and technology

Legal advisory & consulting

Providing leading-edge legal advisory and consulting services.

Project management & strategy

Managing projects and guiding strategy across multiple practice areas. 

Network development

Assisting with the development of public interest networks and movements across the African continent.

Human rights impact assessments

Assessing the human rights implications of your projects and processes.

Law reform & advocacy

Assisting with law reform and advocacy at the domestic, regional, and international levels.

Regulatory compliance & risk

Assiting with POPIA and GDPR compliance to ensure that your clients’ data is protected.

Privacy by design & default

Helping you focus on privacy at the start of your design process to avoid later developmental risks.

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Promoting rights-based technology innovation


Up-to-date and real-time legal and policy analysis that drives positive change in Africa

Legal & policy analysis

Analysing the legal and policy landscape in multiple jurisdictions across Africa.

Country status reports

Providing status updates on legal and policy developments in multiple countries across Africa.

Treaty body reporting

Assisting with the preparation of reports to treaty bodies of the African Union and the United Nations.

Regional & international trends analysis

Monitoring regional and international trends within our practice areas.

Reviews & vetting

Reviewing and vetting documents for legal and regulatory compliance.

Developing Africa’s information rights landscape

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Research that promotes fundamental rights on- and offline

Commissioned research reports

Preparing commissioned research reports and papers using multiple research methodologies.

Comparative research & mapping

Comparative research and mapping across multiple jurisdictions in Africa.

Community engagement & public participation

Facilitating community engagement and public participation to strengthen research outcomes. 

Development of legal instruments

Developing legal instruments, which include draft guidelines, legislation, policies, and treaties.

Field research & social surveys

Creating useful social surveys and gathering information and evidence in our communities.

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Working for positive change in Africa


Training that unites and empowers by using the latest blended-learning methodologies

Toolkits & training manuals

Developing training toolkits and manuals for use on- and offline.

Constitutional literacy

Preparing constitutional literacy manuals and promoting constitutional development.

Information security

Assisting organisations prepare for digital threats and ensuring secure use practices.

Capacity-building workshops

Assisting organisations with capacity-building workshops to enable organisational development.

Online platforms & courses

Developing online platforms and massive open online courses within our practice areas.

Organisational policies & engagement

Preparing organisational policies to ensure regulatory compliance and good organisational practices.