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Independent Lusophone Consultant

information rights, data privacy
advisory, analysis, research
Specialist in Angola and Mozambique

Developing international human rights law

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Learn more about Tsandzana and his work

  • Tsandzana is an information rights analyst and researcher. He holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the University of Bordeaux (Sciences Po Bordeaux) in France, and he is presently a PhD. Candidate in Political Science at the same university.

    Since 2012, Tsandzana has published extensively in national and international journals on matters relating to information rights and freedom of the press. In 2013, he joined ‘Olho do Cidadão’ – a citizen’s movement in Mozambique – which practices citizen journalist and activism by reporting, photographing and intervening in social issues. As an analyst and researcher, Tsandzana has an interest in youth empowerment, political participation, electoral reform, and access to the internet in Africa, especially in Angola and Mozambique.

    Since 2017, Tsandzana has worked as the Lusophone regional editor for Global Voices – an international and multilingual community of bloggers, journalists, translators, academics, and human rights activists.

    Tsandzana joins ALT Advisory as an Independent Lusophone Consultant, assisting with information rights and public policy advisory, analysis and research on Angola and Mozambique.

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