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Learn about our Special Projects.


Est. 2017. JHB – CPT – NBO.

The Special Projects through which we implement change by a collective of public interest lawyers, researchers, strategists, and technologists.


  • ALT Advisory launched a series of research output on artificial intelligence (AI) with the objective of mapping the state of AI governance in Africa, testing transparency mechanisms in relation to AI and data privacy, and assessing frameworks for safeguarding fundamental rights in the planning and implementation of AI in South Africa and regionally. The research includes:

    • AI Governance in Africa, an overview of the state of policy and governance measures for artificial intelligence in 55 African countries in order to measure progress at a regional level and identify current gaps and opportunities. Mapping the applicable laws, policies and other regulatory frameworks regarding AI.
    • Failure to Access, an applied research project to test data protection and access to information procedures among prominent companies and government agencies in South Africa in relation to AI and data processing.
    • A.I. Impact, an overview of resources and frameworks for AI impact assessments to guide policymakers and practitioners seeking to protect human rights in the deployment of artificial intelligence.


    Status: Launched; Research ongoing


For our Special Projects, we receive funding from the following organisations: