Data Protection Africa has launched (in beta)!

ALT Advisory is proud to announce the beta launch of our latest special project, Data Protection Africa.

This is the first iteration of our online open-access portal that provides information on data protection laws and access to data protection authorities in 31 African countries. The website will be updated as existing laws are amended, as data protection authorities are established, and as countries pass new laws to bolster privacy protections for their citizens.

Data Protection Africa is for everyone. Using the portal: select your country and learn about your rights under the law. If your country does not have a profile, or if your curiosity is sparked by what you find, contact your elected representatives and ask about the status of data protection laws in your country. Open the Activism tab to see a list organisations around the African continent that believe the rights you have in the physical world should follow you into your digital interactions.

Help us build an Africa that sees the protection of personal data as integral to human agency!

ALT Advisory is particularly grateful to Justin Bryant, a second-year J.D. candidate at Stanford University who completed a research internship at ALT Advisory, and Kwazi Nwana, ALT Advisory’s Technology and Design Officer, for bringing Data Protection Africa to life.